Eeeeee~ I…think I’m done? 8D
I tried tweaking them some more, but if I make them any darker it mutes the color, so…I really prefer it this way. o3o
I used a slider to change the shape of the glasses on Sollux, so I took some screenshots of other random sims in CAS as well. I never actually shared any of the stuff I made so far, so I really hope this just…works. eue;
I uploaded them on MediaFire for now if anyone’s interested. ouo
There’s two variations, one with white and the other with black nose pads and they should work for both male and female sims from child to elder. So far they were only tested by me and a friend and they worked fine for both of us.
I will probably upload them elsewhere later (and use some images that look less like a character presentation and more like examples for the actual item), but for now this will do. eue

Update: Combined Package

Credit Stuff
Horns: MTS: Simstuck (tumblr)
Eyes: MTS: Esmeralda
Hair: Raonjena
Skin tone: jmtmom
Jeans: Aikea Guinea
Makeup: Face Highlighter V2 (Blush Version) by Tifa
Teeth (hardly visible in the screenshots, but they’re awesome eue): Jamee’s Sims
Glasses Slider: MTS: james_rocks89
Pose Player: MTS: cmomoney
Poses: Studio Star Girls Set 13, Pose 09 - MaximumSims3 Only Boy, 2 / Psycho Set 10, Pose 090 & Set 3, Pose 015 (in my last post)

There’s also some other stuff where I don’t know where it is from, like his hair and the skin tone. I’m also not sure about the shirt. =| I either got it from Simstuck or it’s the one I made when I started to fiddle with mask editing. I will update this when/if I know more.